Interpersonal vicious cycles in Anxiety Disorders

Saliani, A. M., Barcaccia, B., Mancini F., (2011). Interpersonal vicious cycles in Anxiety Disorders in Rimondini M. 2011, Ed., Communication in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, 149-183.

In this chapter we intend to illustrate, on the basis of the clinical work carried out at the Outpatient Clinic of Psychotherapy APC2-SPC3 in Rome, some of the most frequent interpersonal vicious cycles that occur in anxiety disorders.  Notably those communicative cycles which so often start up between a patient and a family meber- and occasionally also between patient and psychotherapist- will be presented. Such interpersonal cycles largely account for the maintenance and exacerbation of the anxiety symptomatology’s, just as intrapsychic vicious cycles do (Saliani et. al., 2008; Saliani et. al., 2009, Saliani & Barcaccia, 2009).
Clinical observation reveals that, when a patient, in the grip of anxiety, consults other people in search of reassurance, typical communicative cycles start up, very similar in form, content and effects to the internal pathogenic dialogue which anxious individuals generate within themselves in an attempt to calm down.

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