Individual differences in guilt sensitivity scale (GSS)

Perdighe, C., Cosentino, T., Faraci, P., Gragnani, A., Saliani, A.M., Mancini, F. (2015). Individual differences in guilt sensitivity scale (GSS). Testing, Psychometrics, Methodology in applied Psychology, 22, 349-362.


Individual differences can be observed in the propensity to experience certain emotions; for some emotions, most notably anxiety and disgust, the notion of sensitivity was also explored, namely one’s tendency to evaluate negatively a given emotion and its effects. Based on observations made in the clinical practice, the authors suggest that this distinction may be usefully applied also to guilt, creating a specific instrument to measure guilt sensitivity. In the wake of such considerations, the authors developed the Guilt Sensivity Scale, a 10-item scale. It evaluates subjective sensitivity to guilt feelings by investigating: the tendency to avoid this feeling, its influence on the patient’s life, and his/her ability to tolerate it. The major goal of this study is testing the psychometric properties of this scale. To this end, the scale was administered to a sample of 916 participants. In terms of psychometric properties, the instrument seems to be characterized by a significant, promising reliability and validity.

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