Monograph Supplement on OCD

EDITORIAL by Barbara Barcaccia, Davide Dèttore and Francesco Mancini


Psicoterapia Cognitiva e Comportamentale, Monograph Supplement, vol.18, n.3, October 2012.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a mental illness that has been documented for thousands of years. In spite of that, very little was known about the genesis, the mechanisms of maintenance and the strategies of treatment until only half a century ago.
In the last fifty years the bulk of knowledge on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder has undergone a revolution: while it was once considered a recondite and obscure disorder, refractory to treatment, the last decades have seen dramatic improvement in the understanding of this highly disabling disorder and in its treatment, especially thanks to cognitive-behavioural researchers and clinicians. Having said that, it still remains one of the most disabling psychiatric disorders, generally very resistant to change.
The price people pay if they are affected by Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, or even if they are family members of an obsessive patient, is enormous: the World Health Organization ranked it as the tenth most disabling illness of any kind (not just psychiatric) in terms of diminished quality of life… continua

Erik Andersson & Christian Rück
Internet-based cognitive behaviour therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder: Implications

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Davide Coradeschi, Andrea Pozza, Elena Mannelli, Giovanna Mengoli, Luciana Rotundo, Tiziana Neri & Davide Dèttore
Obsessive belief changes in patients with resistant OCD treated daily with prolonged exposure and response prevention

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Teresa Cosentino, Francesca D’Olimpio, Claudia Perdighe, Giuseppe Romano, Angelo Maria Saliani & Francesco Mancini
Acceptance of being guilty in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder
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Kitty Dahl
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for children and adolescents suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
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Guy Doron, Ohad Szepsenwol, Danny S. Derby & Elad Nahaloni
Relationship-related obsessive-compulsive phenomena: The case of relationship-centred and partner- focused obsessive compulsive symptoms
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Elizabeth McIngvale, Christine Bakos-Block, John Hart & Patrick S. Bordnick
The OCD Challenge: An online self-help program for obsessive compulsive disorder

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Gabriele Melli & Carlo Chiorri
Heterogeneity and dimensional structure of obsessive-compulsive symptoms: Implications for the assessment
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Marcel A. van den Hout, Juliane K. Reininghaus, Diederik van der Stap & Iris M. Engelhard
Why safety behaviour may not be that bad in the treatment of anxiety disorders: The commitment to future exposures
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