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Deontological and Altruistic Guilt: Evidence for Distinct Neurobiological Substrates

Casa Editrice: Wiley-Liss, Inc. – Human Brain Mapping
Anno: 2011
Autore: B. Basile, F. Mancini, E. Macaluso, C. Caltagirone, R. S.J. Frackowiak and M. Bozzali

Abstract: The feeling of guilt is a complex mental state underlying several human behaviors in both private and social life. From a psychological and evolutionary viewpoint, guilt is an emotional and cognitive function, characterized by prosocial sentiments, entailing specific moral believes, which can be predominantly driven by inner values (deontological guilt) or by more interpersonal situations (altruistic guilt).

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Guilt and Focusing in Decision-making

Casa Editrice: Journal of Behavioral Decision Making
Anno: 2007, 1, 1-20
Autore: Amelia Gangemi, Francesco Mancini

Abstract: In this paper we examined the impact of a specific emotion, guilt, on focusing in decision-making. Through the focusing mechanism, when making decisions, individuals tend to restrict their thoughts to what is explicitly represented in the decisional task, disregarding alternatives. In this paper, three experiments are performed to investigate whether an emotional state of guilt can critically guide individuals’ focusing, and even prevailing over the focusing mechanism.

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