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Schemas, Modes and coping strategies in obsessive-compulsive like symptoms

Katia Tenore, Francesco Mancini, Barbara Basile

ABSTRACT: Objective: Schema Therapy (ST) integrates cognitive-behavior therapy with emotion-focused, gestalt and object relations approaches. ST postulates that unmet emotional core needs in childhood play a role in the development of Early Maladaptive Schemas, that are maintained by dysfunctional coping strategies, and reveal themselves through specific modes. Ad hoc ST conceptualizations for personality disorders or for ...

Journal Article: Clinical Neuropsychiatry, 15 (6), pp. 384-392, 2018.


Early life experiences in ocd and other disorders: a retrospective observational study using imagery with re-scripting

Barbara Basile, Brunetto De Sanctis, Stefania Fadda, Olga Ines Luppino, Claudia Perdighe, Angelo Maria Saliani, Katia Tenore, Francesco Mancini

ABSTRACT: Objective: The close link between obsessive symptomatology, guilt and inflated responsibility is well documented, although one might suppose that guilt sensitiveness and dysfunctional beliefs about responsibility are rooted further in time. imagery with rescripting (iwr) is an emotion-focused technique that binds actual stressful emotions to past memories where similar feelings were activated. it is used to change ...

Journal Article: Clinical Neuropsychiatry , 15 (5), pp. 299-305, 2018.



Fear of guilt from behaving irresponsibly in obsessive–compulsive disorder

Francesco Mancini, Amelia Gangemi

ABSTRACT: Previous cognitive models of obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) propose that inflated responsibility plays a key role in the maintenance of symptoms (Behav.Res.Ther. 28 (1985) 571). In this manuscript, we propose that this thesis may be improved by emphasizing that instead, OCD may be characterized by a fear of guilt that would result from behaving irresponsibly and/or from not behaving responsibly. We believe ...

Journal Article: Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, 35 (2), pp. 109 - 120, 2004, ISSN: 0005-7916, (Experimental approaches to understanding OCD).