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A theorical integration of Schema Therapy and Cognitive Therapy in OCD tratment: goals and beliefs of the Obsessive Mind (part 1)

Olga Ines Luppino, Katia Tenore, Francesco Mancini, Barbara Basile

ABSTRACT: The present work is the first of a trilogy of articles whose purpose, as a whole, is to present a theoretical conceptualization of OCD functioning, which results from the integration between the Cognitive Therapy model, as proposed by Mancini (2018), and the Schema Therapy Mode model. In particular, this first paper aims to synthetically present the cognitive model of OCD functioning. According to the frame offered ...

Journal Article: Psychology, 9 (9), pp. 2261-2277, 2018, ISSN: 2152-7199.


I obsessively clean because deontological guilt makes me feel physiologically disgusted!

Cristina Ottaviani, Alberto Collazzoni, Francesca D'Olimpio, Tania Rovetta, Francesco Mancini

ABSTRACT: The emotions of guilt and disgust play a pivotal role in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). The present study hypothesized the existence of a distinctive relation between deontological (but not altruistic) guilt and subjective and physiological correlates of disgust. Moreover, we aimed at testing whether the evoked emotion of disgust may activate OCD-like washing behaviors. Gender-matched healthy participants were ...

Journal Article: Journal of Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders, 2018.


Deontological morality can be experimentally enhanced by increasing disgust: A transcranial direct current stimulation study

Cristina Ottaviani⁠, Francesco Mancini, Samantha Provenzano, Alberto Collazzoni⁠ and Francesca D’Olimpio

Journal Article: Neuropsychologia, 2018.



Neurobiological mechanisms underlying abnormal processing of guilt, disgust and intentionality in obsessive-compulsive disorder: A critical review

Barbara Basile, Francesco Mancini

ABSTRACT: Many different and innovative neuroimaging techniques have been developed in the last decades. Functional neuroimaging allows detecting what is happening in our brain at rest or while performing a specific cognitive or emotional task, while structural methods are concerned with the physical organization of the brain, considering both micro- and macro-structural aspects. Starting from these recent developments, ...

Journal Article: Clinical Neuropsychiatry, 11 (6), pp. 187-193, 2014.



The connection between disgust and obsessions and compulsions in a non-clinical sample

Francesco Mancini, Andrea Gragnani, Francesca D'Olimpio

ABSTRACT: Although obsessive-compulsive patients (OCD) frequently report thoughts and compulsions about dirt and contamination, there is scarce evidence for a relationship between disgust and OCD. This study investigates whether there is a specific relationship between obsessive symptoms and disgust, independently of general psychological distress symptoms. We tested 278 non-clinical volunteers, through the Disgust Scale ...

Journal Article: Personality and Individual Differences, 31 (7), pp. 1173 - 1180, 2001, ISSN: 0191-8869.