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Is expressive writing effective in decreasing depression and increasing forgiveness and emotional wellbeing if preadolescents?

Barbara Barcaccia, Tyler Schaeffer, Viviana Balestrini, Fabio Rizzo, Francesca Mattogno, Roberto Baiocco, Francesco Mancini, Barry Howard Schneider

ABSTRACT: Expressive writing (EW) can be an effective way to alter maladaptive emotional reactions to stressful life events, although little is known about how pre-adolescents may beneft from it. In this quasi-experimental study, we compared measures of depression, anger, forgiveness, positive and negative affect in pre-adolescents before and after EW in both an experimental group undergoing the EW paradigm and a control ...

Journal Article: Terapia psicológica, 35 (3), pp. 213-222, 2017, ISSN: 0716-6184.