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Fairness is a more effective interpersonal motive than care for sustaining prosocial behaviour

Maurizio Brasini, Sasha Del Vecchio, Edoardo Gregni, Chiara Casali, Francesca Mira, Nicolina Capuano, Valentina Questa, Mauro Giacomantonio, Francesco Mancini

ABSTRACT: The present study stems from three general assumptions about prosocial behav-iour: a) that it has an evolutionary foundation; b) that it is sensitive to the inter-personal context in which it takes place; and c) that it can be supported by different values and motives. An experiment based on the Dictator Game (DG) was carried out, in which two groups of participants with different Social Values Orientation (SVO) ...

Journal Article: Psychology, 2018, ISSN: 2152-7199.