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A Theoretical Integration of Schema Therapy and Cognitive Therapy in OCD Treatment: Conceptualization and Rationale (Part II)

Katia Tenore, Barbara Basile, Francesco Mancini, Olga Ines Luppino

ABSTRACT: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been identified as the first choice treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Although a significant proportion of patients benefit from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, another still fails to respond to CBT. To improve outcomes, new targets of intervention have been broadened, but no clear and comprehensive conceptualizations of the disorder have been suggested. In the last ...

Journal Article: Psychology, 9 (9), pp. 2278-2295, 2018, ISBN: 2152-7199.


A Theoretical Integration of Schema Therapy and Cognitive Therapy in OCD Treatment: Experiential Techniques and Cognitive-Based Interventions in Action (Part III)

Barbara Basile, Olga Ines Luppino, Francesco Mancini, Katia Tenore

ABSTRACT: This final article is part of the trilogy presenting a possible integration of Schema Therapy (ST) and Cognitive Therapy (CT) in Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) treatment. It aims at describing how experiential and cognitive based acceptance techniques might be applied to treat this psychopathological condition. In the first article published in this special issue ( Luppino et al., 2018 ) we reported the main ...

Journal Article: Psychology, 9 (9), pp. 2296-2311, 2018, ISSN: 2152-7199.


The more you judge the worse you feel. A judgemental attitude towards one's inner experience predicts depression and anxiety

Barbara Barcaccia, Roberto Baiocco, Andrea Pozza, Susanna Pallini, Francesco Mancini and Marco Salvati

ABSTRACT: Literature reviews have shown that trait-mindfulness is significantly correlated to emotional wellbeing, both in adults and in children. Particularly, being judgemental towards one's inner thoughts, feelings and sensations, and acting unawares, is associated with higher maladjustment. In the present cross-sectional study, we explored the role of the different facets of mindfulness in both anxiety and depression, ...

Journal Article: Personality and Individual Differences, 138 (2019), pp. 33-39, 2018.